PerfectMatch / Simulated Product Sampling

The Future of Simulated Samples

PerfectMatch is OneSource’s system that allows us to simulate flooring and building material products such as wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, mosaic tile, ceramic, tile, brick and stone to name a few. It looks very realistic. We can match the color of product. We can include texture so you can feel it. Can even have depth like in grout in brick or tile. Looks realistic but it is printed.



  • Big production cost savings
  • It’s light. Much lighter than heavy tile or brick boards. It’s printed plastic.
  • Light means freight savings
  • Light means ease of handling. Easy for contractor to carry
  • Light means easier to install in bay or on showroom wall.
  • Can be quicker to market lead time
  • Reduces spoilage cost due to product being damaged in shipment which frequently happens with tile, brick and stone.
  • Can be two sided board.

OneSource’s PerfectMatch is not a device, software or application. It is a combination of the latest photographic, printing and cutting technology combined with experienced team that is aware of the right avenues to approach to reach different levels of authenticity and price point. PerfectMatch allows consumer to reach realism level and price level that they desire. The time is right for PerfectMatch. Manufacturers want to reduce sample cost. Technology is there to match your product. Buying habits have changed. People used to say if going to spend this much on flooring, customer had to see and feel the real thing. Not now. They buy cars unseen. They buy clothing without shopping for them in retailer. They don’t even try them on to see how they fit. Nor do shoppers have to go to grocery store. They shop online and have them delivered. PerfectMatch is perfect fit for manufacturers to reduce sample cost but perfect fit to give consumer necessary tools to make perfect buying decision. Now is the right time for PerfectMatch.

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